Timmer Sealer Technology

Timmer Sealer Technology is a ISEGA and GEV-EMICODE EC1plus LOW EMISSION certified glue !
Timmer Sealer Technology is a high quality 1 component hybrid sealing and bonding material based on MS Polymer

Application Timmer Sealer Technology

  • Multipurpose fill and joint sealant for connections joints, cracks, wholes, etc. not for expansions joints in the building sector
  • Joints in ship decks (wood, aluminium and steel)
  • For al kind of body work and metal surfaces, for bonding metal to metal (can absorb vibrations )
  • High quality resilient, elastic, resilient rubber and hard rubber sealant in al kind of reefer and container doors and compounds
  • Timmer Sealer Technology is specially developed for Superstructure' means the load-bearing components of the bodywork as defined by the manufacturer, containing those coherent parts and elements which contribute to the strength and energy absorbing capability of the bodywork, and preserve the residual space in the rollover test.
  • Universal waterproof construction adhesive for bonding of also, stone , concrete, mirrors, natural stone, marble, gypsum board, polycarbonates, PSPU, PVC, and several more rubbers and plastics, ceramic, tiles, porcelain, cupper, led, zinc, aluminum, stainless steel, high-pressure laminate, wood, glass, etc

GEV-EMICODE EC1plus Enviroment safe

The EMICODE® label EC1PLUS denotes the premium category, describing the limit of technological feasibility.

Introduced in 2010, it sets even higher and stricter limit values than the best category EC1.PLUS

About the GEV-EMICODE EC1plus

In order to be awarded the EMICODE® label, manufacturers need to submit their products to extensive testing at recognized institutions.

Based on the scientifically determinated measurement data, EMICODE® categorises flooring installation materials, adhesives and construction products into three emission classes.

Only materials complying with the strict emission requirements shall be awarded the EMICODE® label.

Manufacturers undertake to produce these materials according to high quality safety standards and under strict monitoring in order to fulfil the EMICODE® requirements at any time.

To ensure maximum reliability of the emission claims for the materials, the products are regularly submitted to random spot checks by independent, internationally recognized testing institutes.

ISEGA food safe certification

ISEGA test reports, test certificates, declarations of conformity and
product certifications in German, English, French and several other
languages enjoy a great reputation among both national and international
authorities as well as industry and commerce.

ISEGA is an independent testing and certification institute from
Germany for products in contact with food. Through this institute, we
tested Timmer Sealer Technology in contact with food.
Timmer Sealer Technology has passed ISEGA regulation,
indicating that Timmer Sealer Technology is safe for direct contact with food.


  • Compliance with the demands on food contact materials
  • Purity and residue analyess


  • Durable elastic, high modulus
  • For sealing and bonding interior as well as exterior, in the container, building and industrial sector.
  • Paintable with water based paints (Alkyd resin based paints may slowdown in drying, please test first)
  • No fouling or discoloring (excellent suitable for natural stone )
  • Free of isocyanides, solvents, silicone, phthalate, PVC and plasticizer
  • Fast curing
  • Resistant to UV radiation, weather,(sea)water, fluid, mould and chlorine
  • Very good adhesion on almost every surface (even moisty) in the most situations without using primer ( test first porous surface)
  • Wet on wet applicable ( repair with the same material)
  • Non smelling
  • Sandable after curing